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Central Blackpool is renowned for tourist attractions including the iconic Tower, the Sea life centre, waxworks and lots of amusement arcades with slot machines, cafes and other food outlets. Central Pier has many entertainments such as rides and amusements, and the immensely popular theatre well known for the Legends show.  The most distinctive landmark on this pier is the Big Wheel which in addition to being a great ride offers a magnificent view of the promenade and Irish Sea.  The centre of Blackpool is home to internationally recognised theatres such as the Opera House and Grand Theatre which present concerts, comedy, drama, variety and productions of famous musical shows.  Central Blackpool is the focus of the town’s night club and shopping scene, and the Golden Mile occupies a historic position on the Promenade. Central Blackpool Self Catering can enable visitors to be right on hand for these many attractions and tourist entertainments. People wanting to find vacancies in holiday flats and apartments for self catering in Blackpool central may select from a range of options, and cheap prices could be available if you are looking for budget rates and accommodation, with deals and packages as well as  luxury self catering if required. There is accommodation for couples and families, and vacancies may be available for hen parties or stag weekends if these are accepted by the establishment, but it is advisable to confirm this when booking.  The provision of car parking facilities is another factor that could be considered by visitors driving to Blackpool.

Self Catering in Central Blackpool is convenient for the many well known tourist attractions in this area of the resort. These attractions include the Tower, waxworks, sea life centre, and plenty of amusement arcades containing slot machines, rides as well as cafes and other catering outlets. There is the famous Golden Mile, and Central Pier with its amusements, rides and distinctive Big Wheel which is a fantastic ride and provides great views of the sea and promenade. Central pier theatre is renowned for the enduringly popular legends show. Blackpool Central also has theatres such as The Grand Theatre, and Opera House, both of which have achieved international recognition for their concerts, drama, variety, comedy and productions of well known musicals. Central Blackpool is also an important focus of the resorts shopping and night life. Self Catering in Central Blackpool is convenient for the tourist attractions and entertainments in this area. Visitors looking for vacancies in central Blackpool self catering holiday flats and apartments may decide from a selection of options including budget rates and prices, packages and deals when available, and also luxury accommodation as required. Visitors may want to find vacancies for families and couples or groups such as stag parties and hen weekends and can enquire as to whether these are catered for in the holiday accommodation. Another feature that might be considered is the availability of car parking for visitors travelling by car to Blackpool