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Blackpool Promenade is famous for its long sea front and beach, the illuminations and tramway, and other attractions. Many of the landmarks associated with Blackpool are on the Promenade, such as the Pleasure Beach, Sandcastle, Sea Life centre, Waxworks, Golden Mile and perhaps most famous of all, the world renowned tower.  It is attractions such as these that have contributed to Blackpool having a well earned reputation as a leading holiday resort.  The promenade also has many other features along its length, including amusement arcades, stalls, shops, cafes, restaurants and take away outlets.  The promenade has a lively vibrant atmosphere, especially during the illuminations.  Self catering on Blackpool promenade enables convenient access to the sights and entertainments of the seafront, according to the area you prefer to stay in, North, South or Central which offer an extensive selection of holiday flats and apartments with the illuminations outside the front door, and some accommodation providing sea views in addition to the spectacular lights.  Bookings for Blackpool promenade self catering holiday apartments and flats can be made when vacancies can be found with   prices and tariffs provided when asking for quotes.  Car parking and other facilities may also be available.

Blackpool Promenade has many well known features including the long expanse of beach and sea front, the spectacular illuminations and historic tram system, as well as other attractions. The promenade contains a number of the famous landmarks that Blackpool is traditionally associated with, including the Sandcastle, Pleasure Beach waxworks, sea life centre, the golden mile and perhaps the most significant monument in the town, the internationally famous Tower. Such attractions have contributed to the well merited renown that Blackpool has as an important holiday resort. There are also many other attractions along the promenade, such as market stalls, amusement arcades, rides, shops, restaurants, cafes and other food outlets. The promenade is a vibrant and lively part of town, especially during the illuminations, although there are quieter areas as well along the seafront. Blackpool promenade self catering can be within handy reach of the tourist activities and attractions of the sea front depending on the part you might want to stay in, South, Central or North, all of which contain a wide choice of apartments and holiday flats, convenient for the illuminations, with some accommodation giving views of the Irish Sea as well as the lights. Self catering holiday flats and apartments on Blackpool Promenade can be booked when vacancies are available with tariffs and prices supplied when requesting quotes. Car parking as well as other amenities may also be provided at the accommodation.